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Where do you start when you are faced with a crisis?


Connie King | Founder

Connie, a Black American woman and mother found herself disillusioned by the lack of resources when met with a very challenging life event.  Like most Americans in the twenty-first century she turned to Google seeking resources to assist with a close family member who was dealing with a substance abuse issue.  It became quite clear that the online resources she sought were nonexistent.   Being a life-long advocate for Black Americans, Connie was inspired to become part of the solution. A solution that she hopes will have long lasting effects and serve to make the lives of many Black mother’s better. 


Connie founded Black America Resource Directory, an online platform containing services nationwide to help address problems pertaining to social services, humanitarian assistance, business, and even wealth-building opportunities.  Aside from the resources, Connie’s hope is that the website will foster the curating and uplifting of the Black experience in America. 

This virtual environment is supported by a network of experienced, knowledgeable professionals, businesses and organizations; all of whom specialize in serving the Black community.

“Helping the community, with an emphasis on Black mothers access to resources that address the needs of our unique experience, has been a life-long passion.  I am inspired knowing we are providing a directory that can help transform the way the Black community connects.” -Connie King, Founder, Black American Resource Directory.

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