Meet Empress Ayr the CEO of Luxurious Peace a Black-Owned Metaphysical Wellness brand

One founder has chosen to expand the message of chemical toxicity, inclusion and positivity through her female run, Black-Owned Metaphysical Wellness brand.

How One Founder is Using Her Beauty Brand to Promote Inclusivity and Empower People with Less Than Perfect Skin!

BARD had the pleasure of featuring Luxurious Peace in April, 2023 Newsletter. Read How One Founder is Using Her Beauty Brand to Promote Inclusivity and Empower People with Less Than Perfect Skin! Los Angeles CA, March 11, 2022 (https://www.blackamericaresourcedirectory.org) – The first quarter of 2022 is almost over, and with a new quarter comes new challenges, goals, and new trends! The beauty industry is forever changing. These days, we have seen brands building and boasting with intention and grounded in purpose more than ever before. One founder has chosen to expand the message of chemical toxicity, inclusion, and positivity through her female-run, Black-Owned Metaphysical Wellness brand. Empress Ayr is the CEO and Founder of Luxurious Peace. As a former legal professional, turned entrepreneur, making ALL people feel that self-care is a form of healthcare is embedded into her brands clean beauty mission. Those familiar with the brand can remember their direct-to-consumer launch in January of 2020. Focused on the personal experience of the brand's founder, Empress Ayr, wanted to create a product to assuage the pain of those who suffered in silence. As a toddler, Empress dealt with highly sensitive skin, (Atopic Dermatitis/Eczema) that doctors stated she would grow out of. Atopic eczema is a common chronic or recurrent inflammatory skin disease that affects over 31.6 million people (10.1%) in the U.S. After welcoming the birth of her first child and 15+ years of atopic dormancy, her eczema returned with a vengeance. Respectively, this led to a resounding urge to create products that would not only naturally heal her skin, but also making inclusive beauty accessible to a market that was consistently ostracized. “Selfcare is more than what’s on the surface, it’s a lifestyle that goes much deeper than what lies beneath our superficial layer,” says Empress Ayr, Founder & CEO. “At Luxurious Peace we hold our brand accountable to a higher standard of care as most of our customers suffer from allergies and skin sensitivities. We will continue to take meaningful steps towards the ethos and efficacy of our products while simultaneously providing relief and promoting natural healing on a cellular level. We want the ingredients in your personal care products to reflect the greatness of Mother Earth and all her delicious homeopathic offerings.” Each plant-based product is handcrafted with organic raw materials and the omission of hormone/endocrine disruptors, toxins, synthetic colors, artificial fragrances, sulfates, phthalates, petrochemicals, and parabens. In furthering its commitment to educational accessibility, Luxurious Peace features a “Toxictionary”, a dictionary comprised of toxic chemicals lurking in our everyday personal care products. The brand also launched with a peer-to-peer and direct-to-consumer format with the intent of cultivating a community that educates and advocates for the abolishment of topical, analgesic steroidal products. About Luxurious Peace Luxurious Peace is a first-of-its-kind, innovative skincare brand that addresses Topical Steroid Withdrawal. Affectionately known as Organic Luxury Skincare, Luxurious Peace was inclusively crafted to elevate and celebrate people with skin issues and disorders through the creation of their “Holistic Apothecary” products with an intentional purpose at its core. We believe that every-BODY deserves organic natural skincare that doesn’t compromise your wallet, health, and wellbeing. Swathed in sustainable packaging made from previously recycled materials, their ethically produced products are scratching up an itchy industry with high grade therapeutic herbal remedies and blends like their Sea Moss Drip (sold with and without CBD). Whether you’re a human or a pet, The Sea Moss Drip was designed with your itch in mind! Sea Moss is a natural ingredient found in the sea. It can assist with vitamin and mineral deficiencies, skin irritation, and much more. Their beauty products are formulated with earthly luxurious ingredients to help promote skin immunity for all skin types, tones, and textures; with an emphasis on those who seek natural handmade skincare for perfectly imperfect skin! Luxurious Peace Launch Collection Sea Moss Soap ($11.11) – Protect and strengthen your skin with this luxury soap bar of organic goodness. Its jam packed with hydrating vitamins, minerals & tiny bits of sea moss in each use! Sea Moss Mousse ($22.22) – Soften dry traumatized skin with this jar of non-greasy whipped creamy yumminess. Its jam packed with hydrating vitamins, minerals & silky-smooth sea moss in each use! Sea Moss Salt ($18.88) - Soothe aching joints, and reduce inflammation with this little jar of organic luxury bath salt heaven. Its jam packed with hydrating vitamins, minerals, botanicals & tiny bits of sea moss in each use! Peace Protector Hemp Healing Butter ($60) - designed to protect your body & ease your aches, joint pain & cramps. Uniquely designed & blended with therapeutic-grade essential oils & full spectrum hemp oils. The non-greasy shea butter softens skin & is soothing to the touch making it great for daily use. Additional products coming soon. Products retail at www.luxuriouspeace.com SOCIAL MEDIA Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest @luxuriouspeace. MEDIA CONTACT Luxurious Peace | Empress Ayr | info@ luxuriouspeace.com | Source: Luxurious Peace, Inc Boiler Plate Copy for Organization Ayrial Griffin 12700 Inglewood Ave #1724 Hawthorne CA 90250 Phone: 323.977.8443 Email:info@luxuriouspeace.com

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